“The Beauty of Lingyen” Youth and Children’s Sketching Contest for Charity

Celebration of the 20th Anniversary of Establishment of Lingyen Mountain Temple (Canada)

  • Date:
    Sunday, June 2nd, 2019 09:00am ~ 12:30pm +Calendar +Google Calendar
  • Location:
    10060 No. 5 Road, Richmond, BC V7A 4E5 View Map
  • Descriptions:

    Bring out your love; paint the beauty of Lingyen.

    Lingyen Mountain Temple (Canada) 20th Anniversary Events Series — “The Beauty of Lingyen” Youth and Children Sketching Contest Fundraising for BC Children’s Hospital

    1. Mission: Since the founding of Lingyen Mountain Temple (Canada) in 1999, we have practiced selfless giving with the goal of purifying the minds of humankind, all with great compassion to benefit sentient beings. With its distinguishing structural features, paired with the calming and peaceful atmosphere, it has become an iconic and pure religious location for practitioners in the Greater Vancouver area. In lieu of the 20th anniversary since its founding, Lingyen Mountain Temple is hosting “The Beauty of Lingyen” Youth and Children sketching competition, to provide a place of communion for everyone’s love and artistic talent. With the pure heart of a child, draw your ideal Pure Land with coloured pencils. This competition has no registration fee; one the day of, there will be donation boxes set up, with all proceeds going to the BC Children’s Hospital. We sincerely invite you to come give your love, and to widely create positive affinity with the society. We welcome your participation.
    2. Organizer: Lingyen Mountain Temple (Canada)
    3. Co-organizer: BC Children’s Hospital
    4. Competition sign-up deadline: May 25th, 2019; no sign-ups on the day of competition.
    5. Ways to sign-up: In person or online at www.lymtcanada.com (here) There is no cost to signing up. There will be donation boxes set up on the day of the competition. All proceeds will go to BC Children’s Hospital. For any questions, please call (604) 271-0009
    6. Competition date and time: June 2nd, 2019 9:00 am – 9:30 am: sign-in 9:30 am – 12:30 pm: competition 12:30 pm: Submit sketches. (For fairness, all sketches submitted after this time are not considered) Note: A vegetarian meal will be provided on the day of competition, followed by a Buddhist arts exhibition. All participants and their families are welcome to tour the exhibition, which includes drawings and paintings, hand stitching as well as other traditional Chinese art works.
    7. Location: Lingyen Mountain Temple (Canada) 10060 No. 5 Road, Richmond, BC, V7A 4E5, Canada
    8. Competition details:
      1. Participants are children and youth who are interested in sketches, grouped as follows: Group A: ages 7-9, with birthdays between 2009/06/03 – 2012/06/02 Group B: ages 10-12, with birthdays between 2006/06/03 – 2009/06/02 Group C: ages 13-15, with birthdays between 2003/06/03 – 2006/06/02 Group D: ages 16-18, with birthdays between 2000/06/03 – 2003/06/02 *Please bring participant ID on the day of the competition to verify age group
      2. Participants must make the sketch on the day of competition. There is no limit on the material used for the sketch. All drawing material are to be brought by the participants themselves, but they must not bring any paper or sketch book.
      3. Paper will be provided by the organizer. The specification will be 31” x 43”
      4. Theme: “The Beauty of Lingyen”, content to include scenery within the temple grounds, such as the garden, the building, and other temple sceneries. Any sketches submitted outside of the theme will not be considered.
    9. Participants will receive a participation certificate upon completion of the sketches.
    10. Judge panel as well as awards:
      1. The competition will be judged by professional artists as well as experienced art instructors
      2. Every group will receive awards as follows: Gold standing: Trophy (Winner’s name engraved), a certificate, an award Silver standing: Trophy (Winner’s name engraved), a certificate, an award Bronze standing: Trophy (Winner’s name engraved), a certificate, an award Honorable Mention: Medal, a certificate, an award
      3. Final results, award winners, as well as amount fundraised will be announced on the website: www.lymtcanada.com
      4. Award Winners please pick up your prizes by September 2019 at Lingyen Mountain Temple (Canada) at the latest. The time will be announced at a later day
      5. Award winning artworks will be on exhibition at the “Best works in the competition” exhibition from September 14th, 2019 to September 22nd, 2019 at Lingyen Mountain Temple (Canada).
    11. Artwork Copyrights
      1. All award winning artwork copyrights will belong to Lingyen Mountain Temple (Canada) after it has been reviewed by the judge panel at no further cost and forfeits all further claims to the artwork.
      2. All participants and their legal representatives agree to the above copyright statement.
      3. Lingyen Mountain Temple (Canada) retains all the rights to the artworks submitted.
      4. Award winning artworks can be collected in person at the Temple when notified by the Temple within 6 months from the date of the Competition upon presentation of the Certificate of Participation. Artworks not collected by the specified date will be seen to have forfeited the right to do so.
    12. Note:
      1. All participants may decide to include in their form, the name of their instructor at the time of registration. If it is not filled out during such time, it may not be added on afterwards.
      2. During the award ceremony, the participant must receive their award in person. If they are not present, it is viewed as a forfeit.
      3. Any other issues encountered for the event will be discussed between Lingyen Mountain Temple (Canada) and other professional parties and edited without further notice.
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