Our Abbot: Venerable Master Tze Cheng

Venerable Master Tze Cheng was born in 1978 in the city of Taoyuan, Taiwan. He entered monastic life in 1987 under Venerable Master Miao Lien of Taiwan Lingyen Mountain Temple. In 2002, he took the full monastic precepts at Sun Moon Temple. Soon afterwards, he went to study under Venerable Master Wu Ming of Haiming Temple. In 2011, he established the Pure Land Temple in Taiwan. In 2012, he was appointed as Director and Vice Abbot of Cihming Temple. In 2015, he was appointed as Abbot of Zulin Mountain Temple. He is now the Abbot of Pure Land Temple in Taiwan.

Throughout more than thirty years of monastic life, Venerable Master Tze Cheng has taken on the mission of Venerable Master Miao Lien by propagating the Pure Land Dharma method. In particular, he has done extensive research on Buddhist ceremonies and chanting. His hard work and natural talents in these areas have earned him tremendous respect from Buddhists in Taiwan. People are often taken in by his pure and harmonious Dharma sounds. Those who know him describe Venerable Master Tze Cheng as a sincere and honest person who leads a simple life. His compassion permeates through all his interactions with others. All members of the Fourfold Assembly look up to him and his spirit to sacrifice his own well-being for the sake of the Dharma. He continues to spare no efforts in propagating the Dharma, hosting Water and Land Dharma Services, Short-term Monastic Retreats and other major Buddhist ceremonies all across the world, in places such as China, the United States, and Southeast Asia.

On September 14, 2019, under the support and anticipation of the Fourfold Assembly, Venerable Master Tze Cheng officially became the Abbot of Lingyen Mountain Temple (Canada), a role in which he will work hard to carry on Venerable Master Miao Lien’s compassionate vows to build monasteries and guide sentient beings. We trust that under Venerable Master Tze Cheng’s leadership, we will raise the Dharma banner and hang the wisdom lamp, guiding people of all cultures to practice Buddhism. By introducing a new innovative force into the propagation of Buddhism in Canada, Lingyen Mountain Temple (Canada) will be transformed into a Pure Land for everyone.