About Lingyen Mountain Temple Canada

Lingyen Mountain Temple Canada is a Mahayana Buddhist monastery in the Greater Vancouver area of British Columbia, Canada. It is home to a strong monastic community who live in accordance with the millennia old teachings established by Shakyamuni Buddha, the historical Buddha from India. Lingyen Mountain Temple follows the Pure-Land lineage that originally arose after the introduction of Buddhism to China from India in the first or second century. It wasn’t until after the 4th century, during the Tang Dynasty, that Chinese monks returned to India to seek further texts and teachings to bring back to China that Buddhism really began to flourish.

While the monastic community of Lingyen Mountain Temple enjoy the comforts of electricity, plumbing, and other standard conveniences of the modern era, their routine and lifestyle is more or less identical to their predecessors from history. They follow the same schedule, rules and practice the same rituals as have been done since they were established in ancient China. While the monastic community can use computers for administrative tasks and publishing books, they are forbidden from using or accessing the internet in accordance with the Founding Abbot Venerable Master Miao Lien’s wishes. As such this website has been created by and maintained by volunteers to help fill the void of information online about LYMT. It is our hope that making some basic information available will help bridge the cultural gap and reduce barriers to visiting the temple for people who don’t otherwise have any connection to it.



The Beauty of Lingyen